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The loss of a loved one is a difficult time, and it could be made even worse when a family feud arises over the distribution of the estate. While these issues can tear a family apart, the good news is that there is help available. At the Law Office of Ira M. Kopito, I have been representing clients in New York, New York in estate litigation, estate administration and surrogate’s court practice cases since 1999. My knowledge of New York estate law allows me to get a resolution to your case, no matter how complex, with the bare minimum of stress and heartache. You’ve already suffered enough; let me take care of your case from here.

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I know how sensitive this area of the law is — and that you need capable legal assistance by your side. While some attorneys dabble in the complex areas of estate law and family issues, this is my sole focus. My concentration on this area of law has allowed me to hone my skills and keep up-to-date on all any changes to the law as they occur. I take pride in my profession, and I offer everyone who comes to me for assistance the benefit of my:

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I proudly represent clients in my New York office in the following areas of the law:

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